Social Responsibility

At MGP, we believe that being a socially responsible corporate citizen is much more than just doing what is right or required. As a globally recognized ingredient solutions and distillery products provider, we take great pride in our ability to reach out and serve our neighbors and fellow citizens. At the heart of our efforts is the goal of making a positive impact on all whom we touch. Our commitment to the principles of sustainable development is a hallmark of our corporate culture.

The Company has initiated a comprehensive and integrated corporate responsibility system for addressing issues related to the environment, workplace safety and health, and community accountability, as well as effectively fulfilling customer needs. In essence, our efforts are focused on benefits provided to all stakeholders of MGP.

Our Values and Commitment

In today’s industrial environment, complex issues are changing the way we approach sustainable growth and the contributing role of individuals, businesses and communities. Environmental, economic, and social concerns present increasing challenges, as well as opportunities, for companies in the global marketplace.

At MGP, we are truly committed to continued growth in a responsible manner. One of our core corporate values is a genuine respect for people and nature and our commitment to sustainable development for the prosperity of the company and its stakeholders and the well-being of our community neighbors.

As we continue to evolve our business, we remain committed to minimizing the impact we have on the environment. This care and concern for our environment is built into MGP’s promise for the future as we strive to leave the world a better place for those who follow.

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Community Support

MGP’s responsibility as a good corporate citizen is to maintain a positive presence in local and regional communities through participation and leadership in credible community projects, as well as sponsorships to assist worthy groups and events. The Company serves as a leader in supporting community groups and initiatives to further the quality of life of our neighbors and employees. This is achieved in part through a formalized corporate charitable gifts program, as well as through volunteer services and time provided by MGP personnel.

Recent Initiatives: