Gravies, Sauces & Soups

A product for every possibility.

From soft and chewy to crispy and flaky, or from protein-rich to clean label, MGP proudly offers a wide range of innovative products. Take a look —we’re sure you’ll find plenty of options suited to your taste.


Fibersym® RW

Fibersym® RW, resistant wheat starch, provides a smooth texture, neutral flavor and white color and is nearly an invisible source of fiber.


Midsol 50

Midsol™ 50 is a native cook-up wheat starch that possesses a high water-holding capacity and is an excellent fat emulsion stabilizer.


Pregel 10

Pregel™ 10 is an instant, native wheat starch that offers convenience by adding thickening properties to a wide range of non-heated foods, as well as functioning as a fat hold-out agent in doughnuts and similar products.