Midsol 50

Midsol™ 50

Midsol 50 at a glance

  • Imparts tenderness and textural enhancement
  • Enhances melt and stretch properties
  • Provides smooth texture with excellent gelling properties

Midsol™ 50 is a clean label, native cook-up wheat starch that possesses a high water-holding capacity.

Midsol 50 Benefits

Midsol™ 50 is an excellent fat emulsion stabilizer.

Midsol™ 50 can also serve as a partial egg white replacer in flour-based foods.

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Midsol 50 Applications

Bakery Products

  • Batters and Mixes
  • Cookies
  • Pastries

Dairy Products

  • Imitation Cheese


  • Seasoning/Spice Blends

Cereals and Snacks

  • Puffed and Extruded Cereals and Snacks

Gravies Sauces and Soups

  • Cook-up

Processed Meat, Poultry and Seafood

  • Surimi Products