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Studies and Presentations

Please view the following studies and presentations for our innovative products:


-Optein® Presentation

Fibersym® RW

-Fibersym® RW Overview Booklet

-Fibersym® RW a RS4 Type Resistant Wheat Starch

-Overview of Fibersym® RW

-Food Grade Starch Resistant to Alpha-Amylase and Method of Preparing the Same

-Different Resistant Starches Elicit Different Glucose Responses

-Modification of Starch

-Consumption of Cross-Linked Resistant Starch on Glucose and Insulin Responses in Humans

-In Vitro Digestion of RS4 Type Resistant Wheat and Potato Starches and Fermentation of Indigestible Residues

-Resistant Starches Have Differential Effects on the Composition of the Fecal Microbiota

-Formulation of High-Protein, High-Fiber Reduced Calorie Breads

-Effect of Cross-Linked Resistant Starch on Wheat Tortilla Quality

-Increasing Dietary Fiber in Foods

-Functionality of Modified Wheat Starch

-Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Wheat Starch

-White Pan Bread and Sugar Snap Cookies Containing Wheat Starch Phosphate A Cross-Linked Resistant Starch


-Arise® Overview Booklet

-Functionality and Properties of Wheat Protein Isolates

-Evaluation of Wheat Protein Isolate in Sponge and Dough White Pan Bread

-High-Protein Reduced-Carbohydrate Bakery Products

-Modification of Wheat Proteins

-Case Studies on Wheat Protein Isolates

-Effect of Gluten Fractions in Reducing Microwave-Induced Toughness of Bread and Buns

-Wheat Protein Isolates and Their Modified Forms and Methods of Making


-Overview of TruTex™ a Textured Wheat Protein

-Properties and Applications of Texturized Wheat Gluten

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