Technical Innovation Center

Innovator of Plant Protein, Starch and World Class Alcohol Development

For over 70 years, MGP has been in the business of change – converting agricultural raw materials into new, more valuable solutions to help our customers make their products better. During all this time, innovation has served as the cornerstone of our success, as MGP scientists and engineers have improved our products and processes.

Today, Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I) at MGP is accelerating when our customers’ need it most. We’re harnessing our talents and insights, for example, to make the food supply healthier for consumers. We focus on developing products that make sustainable improvements in agricultural material processing, improved consumer well-being and enhanced personal health and safety.

By investing in developing new products that meet real and valuable consumer needs, our innovation engine sets the stage for delivering viable solutions to our customers and long-term value to our stockholders while maintaining high standards of environmental performance.


MGP is committed to innovation and constantly developing new products and services to meet our customers' requirements - products that make our daily lives more convenient, healthier, safer, or more enjoyable. MGP's processing expertise has long played a key role in addressing the needs of our customers. Today, MGP's scientific expertise enables customers to stand out in the marketplace through enhanced product features and benefits.

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