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Innovative distillers wild about yeast experimentation

Today’s distillers pay homage to the past. But they aren’t afraid to tweak the age-old art and science behind great whiskey. Case in point: Yeast research. Yeast is a basic component of all fermented beverages (beer, wine and spirits). Its function is to convert sugars from grains, plants and fruits into ethanol and carbon dioxide. For years, makers of spirits and other beverage alcohols have used strains from a species of yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Cerevisiae is preferred for its ability to repress wild microorganisms and efficiently convert sugars, producing consistent alcohol without ‘off’ flavors.

Fermentation Tank
Gin Heats Up
Masters of Spirits

A longtime cocktail staple enjoys the limelight

Gin is like an old friend. Reliable, familiar. Supportive of many iterations of the cocktail. Yes, gin is here to stay, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS). In 2020, year-over-year sales of 9-liter cases rose 4.2% to more than 10 million. Revenue to gin suppliers increased 5.9% to $972 million. “Thanks to the humble juniper berry, gin has a delightful subtle flavor with versatility,” DISCUS says. “America’s thirst for gin lies in the popularity of the many fine cocktails highlighted by the revival of the cocktail renaissance. Gin’s pleasurable taste and versatile flavors make it a perfect base for any classic or complex mixed drink.”
Songs for Distilling Vol 3
Masters of Spirits

Songs for Distilling, Volume 3

Sometimes you just have to put your headphones on and jam on new creations. We’ve made a new playlist just for that. So, rock out while you’re rocking on making exceptional spirits.

Check out the latest MGP distilling playlist.

Spirits Seekers Will Get Spicy
Masters of Spirits

Spirits seekers will get spicy.

A recent consumer survey from ingredient supplier Kalsec revealed that 37% of consumers are extremely or somewhat likely to try a spicy beverage. So, maybe it’s time to fire up some ideas with a little heat?

Bourbon the All-American Whiskey photo
Masters of Spirits

Bourbon, the All-American Whiskey

There are hundreds of types of whiskeys from all around the world, but in order for a whiskey to be classified bourbon, it has to be made in the good ol’ U.S.A. And no, it doesn’t have to be from Bourbon County, Kentucky. But it does have to come from a mash that’s at least 51% corn and aged in new charred oak barrels for at least two years (or preferably four years). Beyond those three rules, bourbon can be crafted to be incredibly unique. From rye, barley, wheat and corn come our bountiful bourbon profiles.

Distilled Cucumber Gin - Perfect Summer Spirit
Masters of Spirits

Distilled Cucumber Gin – The Perfect Summer Spirit

Take the crisp, fresh flavor of premium gin, then add a crisp, garden-fresh cucumber. That’s the taste of this spectacular spirit. It opens with juniper and spice notes, then finishes with an earthy body that’s as cool as a cucumber. Mix it in cocktail recipes and you’ve got the perfect summer sip.

More about our distilled cucumber gin here.

Songs for Distilling Vol 2
Masters of Spirits

Songs for Distilling, Volume 2

This time around, MGP distillers and blenders are the DJs, compiling a playlist of their favorite tunes to turn up while they’re turning out exceptional spirits.

Check out the latest MGP distilling playlist


What a time for distillers
Masters of Spirits

What a Time to Become a Distiller.

Just 15 years ago, there were fewer than 100 craft distillers in America. Today, there are almost 2,000, creating a global industry valued at more than $7 billion, and growing faster than you can say fermentation. If starting a distillery is your dream, now would be a great time to make it a reality. 
Spirits with Splash of Experience
Masters of Spirits

Spirits With a Splash of Experience.

Nowadays, people don’t just want a drink, they want a drinking experience. Whether it’s an extraordinary distillery tour or watching a mixologist’s unique bag of tricks, the most memorable pours are ones that immerse their audience in the moment.
Distillery Collective Facebook Page
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Join the Conversation

Because the best kind of friends are the ones who have a passion for spirits and a willingness to share, we’re inviting all of them to join us on Facebook in our Distillery Collective. Here, we’ll be sharing insights, thoughts and wisdom from our long history making exceptional spirits.

Rackhouse Roundtable
Masters of Spirits

The Rackhouse Roundtable

We asked some intriguing names in the biz to come together and discuss today’s most pressing distilling topics in our Rackhouse Roundtable video series. These folks aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions and give honest answers.

Songs for Distilling Q1
Masters of Spirits

Songs for Distilling

From bluesy bourbons to rock-and-roll ryes, we have the playlist you need to make every flavor sing.


6 Newly Certified Masters
Masters of Spirits

Seven Newly Certified Masters of the Craft Bring More Spirit to MGP

Raise a glass to our newest Master Distillers, Matthew Greeno, Josh Slawski, Mike Templin, TJ Anderson and Ian Stirsman—and make it a double for our newest Master Blenders, R.J. Laws and Sam Schmeltzer, the most recent additions to our Team of Masters.
Many Genres of Gin
Masters of Spirits

Selected Spirits: The Many Genres of Gin

The festive, piney cousin of vodka, gin is distilled with a blend of botanicals, allowing for a broad range of flavor expressions. Traditional, earthy, sweet, citrusy, fresh—these are just a few of the gin profiles we offer.

Masters of Spirits

Selected Spirits: Uncompromising, Unpretentious Rye

We love how this spicy, forward, rogue has always been ready to take on the world, one whiskey glass at a time. Sure of itself. Proudly unwilling to change its character over the years to be the new “it” drink. We especially love that, at last, rye whiskey is awash in a well-earned boom of rediscovery, and we’re honored to be at the heart of it.

At MGP, we help makers produce flavor profiles from velvety smooth to dry with that rye “bite”.

We love to talk rye.