Healthier is Tasting Better
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Healthier is Tasting Better.

An interesting question was recently raised in a Reddit food science conversation:

"I remember as a kid (1990’s early 2000’s) whole wheat tasted awful,” said Reddit user roughroe. “When I got to middle school I really started to like most of these products….Have there been significant changes in how whole wheat products are made?…Or is it taste buds changing?"

Well, the answer is all of the above. Whole wheat and other healthier products have come a long way in the taste category, for a few reasons.

People demand it

Over the last few decades, more and more people have started eating healthier. Today, healthy eating is much more mainstream. People not only want healthier food, they want it to taste just as good as not-so-healthy options. And that leads right into point number 2.

Manufacturers are making healthy taste better

The market demanded better tasting healthy foods, so manufacturers started to deliver. Today, there are a lot more options out there as food manufacturers have made large investments in R&D to develop, experiment, refine and produce better tasting and healthier foods. And they have access to more innovations that help them do it. Innovations like MGP Arise® 8000, which adds protein to breads while also keeping good taste and texture.

Tastes grow up

The only science behind this reason is that people simply grow up, and when they do, so do their taste buds. So, what may have tasted awful in someone’s youth tastes a whole lot better after more exposure to it and a more mature palate. Some call that “acquired taste.”

People demanding healthier foods is not a trend that’s going to end. Formulators and food scientists will continue to research, develop and refine recipes to not only be healthier, but to also taste better. At MGP, that just so happens to be our passion.