Arise® 8100

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Arise® 8100 is a clean label, highly functional wheat protein isolate produced by a unique manufacturing process (patent pending). It affects the rheology or machinability of doughs and exhibits enhanced extensibility properties that decreases mixing time and improves loaf volume of bread and other yeast-leavened products. Arise 8100 matches the loaf volume potential of SSL or DATEM when added as a protein-based emulsifier in bread systems. It can partially or totally replace dried egg whites in pancakes or in predust formulas for deep-fried foods. Arise 8100 has improved emulsification, binding and foaming properties that are important in many bakery products and processed foods.


  • Enhances Dough Strength
  • Improves Extensibility
  • Increases Volume
  • Enhances Elasticity
  • Reduces Mix Time


Bakery Products

  • Breads, Rolls, Bagels, Biscuits and Muffins
  • Batters and Mixes
  • Cookies
  • Pizza Crust
  • Tortillas and Flat Breads

Cereals & Snacks

  • Puffed and Extruded Cereals and Snacks
Nutritional Bars and Drinks
  • Instant Drinks/Energy Bars

Pastas & Noodles

  • Fresh Noodles
  • Fried Noodles
  • Oriental Noodles
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