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MGP: Versatile Starches

Prepared Foods, April 2017

Developed and produced for a wide range of food applications, MGP’s specialty wheat starches provide multiple options and benefits to customers based on desired end product results.

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Setting the Bar High with Protein

Food Business News, March 2017

High-protein bars may offer an opportunity for grain-based foods companies to power up their sales. Protein sourced from whey, wheat or soy may do some of the heavy lifting in new product launches.

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Resistant Starch Functionality

Baking Business, November 2016

Resistant starches are the easiest of the insoluble dietary fibers to use because they tend to be non-hygroscopic and exhibit low water-binding capabilities.

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MGP's Resistant Wheat Starch Shown to Help Battle Obesity

Nutrition Insight, January 2016

Obesity is recognized as serious health issue with far-reaching implications. As a result, greater attention is being placed on efforts to turn back the tide of excessive weight gain.

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Building a healthy brand

Beverage World, August 2015

Five ingredient trends driving today's health-and-wellness drinks market.

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MGP: Egg Protein Replacers

Prepared Foods, June 2015

With the spread of the avian influenza outbreak across the Midwest, concerns about reduced egg supplies and resulting price increases have surged. For food manufacturers, MGP’s Arise® wheat protein isolates provide highly functional, cost-effective alternatives to egg-based proteins in a wide range of products.

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Ingredient suppliers offer bakers egg alternatives

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, June 2015

Avian influenza is impacting the cost and availability of egg products, necessary ingredients for many bakery formulations. A number of ingredient suppliers offer products that enable bakers to reduce—or completely eliminate—the amount of eggs they use. Check out their offerings:

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Egg market crisis worsens

FoodBusiness News, May 2015

As U.S. poultry losses topped 42.5 million birds from more than 187 cases of H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza, the initial shock of losing an estimated 25% of the nation’s processing egg supply and consequent record high egg prices began to reach beyond those directly involved in the poultry and food processing industries, as evidenced by coverage in the general press, including stories in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and on National Public Radio. But it still was the industry — from egg producers and processors to food manufacturers — that was hit hardest.

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For Healthy Living and Aging

Beverage World, February 2015

The latest functional ingredient innovations help beverage companies meet demand both the old and young.

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MGP Arranges a Medley

Beverage World, February 2015

In support of the inaugural Whiskey City Festival in Lawrenceburg, Ind. last November, MGP, a supplier of premium distilled spirits produced Metze's Medley, an extremely limited-edition Indiana straight bourbon.

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Sourcing Spirits

Artisan Spirit, Winter 2014

Sourcing spirits from large beverage alcohol producers has been and continues to be a common practice in the distilling industry for large and small labels, alike. While misleading advertising about a spirit's production is receiving a lot of ridicule, as it should, there are potentially reasonable benefits to transparent sourcing for both the distiller and the consumer.

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Wall Street liked many Kansas City area names this year

The Kansas City Star, December 2014

Liquor, cop cams and automobiles seem a volatile mix, but Wall Street liked them this year judging by the performance of local stocks.

The region's best performer was MGP Ingredients Inc. of Atchison, Kan., which operates two distilleries. Its shares more than tripled in value through Monday.

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California Coping

Food Business News, December 2014

Dark red areas on a California state map signify drought. They also might bring headaches for ingredient buyers of food and beverage companies wanting to stay in the black, as in profit. Innovative ways to save money on nut, dairy and egg ingredient costs may help alleviate their concerns.

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2015 Ingredients for Health Guide

Prepared Foods, December 2014

Prepared Foods and its NutraSolutions brand present this annual "Ingredients for Health" reference. It offers market data and information about commercially available ingredients that assist developers and formulators with product targets various health benefits.

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Wheat Proteins, Starches All Non-GMO

Baking & Snack, December 2014

As discussion of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) ramps up among American consumers, MGP Ingredients has announced that all its specialty proteins and starches are derived from non-GMO wheat.

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In More Ways Than One

Baking & Snack, December 2014

Starches solve problems for gluten-free foods and lend their texturizing capabilities to many other bakery categories.

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Spiriting Out a Distillery's Spirits

examiner.com, October 2014

However, there is another way to get market share with an aged whiskey and that is to go to a large distillery that offers aged whiskey, customized for the local distillery, to which they can then add their own infusions, flavoring and bottle under their own label. This is where MGP Ingredients comes into the picture.

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Fiber Enhancement

Baking & Snack, October 2014

Formulators can use Fibersym RW from MGP Ingredients to add extra fiber to baked foods. This resistant wheat starch delivers 85% total dietary fiber.

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Health Trailblazers

Beverage World, October 2014

In the past 10 years, perhaps no trend has had a greater impact on the ready-to-drink beverage market than health and wellness. Growing concerns about rising obesity rates coupled with increased consumer awareness and education about ingredients have helped to usher in a new breed of health-conscious consumers looking for beverages that have a perception of health or good-for-you qualities.

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Energy Crisis

Baking & Snack, September 2014

Every calorie counts in the effort to lose and manage weight. Carbohydrate calories - added sugars in particular - have come under attack by consumer activities as over-consumption is associated with obesity and related illnesses.

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Ahead of the Game

Baking & Snack, September 2014

Hitting a home run is every product developer's goal. Right now, batting averages favor protein as that star strategy, but how exactly does this buzzworthy consumer trend fit into bakery formulations? Answer: just as carefully as batters take aim at fastballs.

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Best Bets in Better-for-You

Food Technology, August 2014

Health and wellness are on the minds of consumers, and suppliers at the IFT Food Expo® continued to ramp up efforts to provide the food product development industry with ingredients that add nutrients, enhance energy, reduce sugar, and more.

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Benefits of MGPI's Fibersym RW Continue to Add Up

Food Business News, August 2014

Results of a study conducted at South Dakota State University showed a diet enriched with the product, which performs like a prebiotic fiber, may lower blood cholesterol and improve body composition.

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Meeting a Fiber Definition

Milling & Baking News, July 22, 2014

An upcoming F.D.A. definition may require fiber suppliers to have scientific evidence.

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Resistant Wheat Starch May Reduce Cholesterol

IFT Weekly Newsletter, June 18, 2014

A study published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research shows that a resistant wheat starch (MGP’s Fibersym RW) may lower blood cholesterols and improve body composition.

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Egg White Replacement

Food Processing, June 2014

Arise 6000 and Arise 8000 are highly functional and cost-effective replacements for egg whites that can be used in flour-based products, including pasta and noodles, bread. coatings and pre-dusting agents.

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Side-Stepping Allergens

Food Processing, June 2014

While it is never simple, reformulating for gluten- and allergen-free is getting easier with practice.

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MGP's Arise is An Egg White Alternative

Food Business News, June 2014

Protein isolates from Atchison, Kas.-based MGP Ingredients provide cost effective egg white alternatives and increased protein levels. The Arise 6000 and Arise 8000 wheat protein isolates are ideal for inclusion in flour-based products such as pasta and noodles, bread, coatings and pre-dusting agents.

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Have Their Cake and Eat It, Too

Baking & Snack, June 2014

Consumer interest in healthy eating and clean labels, coupled with the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans report that identified fiber as one of four "nutrients for concern," have catapulted this essential health component to the forefront of baking and snack formulating.

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In Cherios' wake

Food Business News, January 2014

The ingredient list of General Mills, Inc.’s original Cheerios highlights the importance of starch —corn starch is second on the list, right behind whole grain oats. Cheerios, of course, is not the only processed food product to use starch as an ingredient. Companies looking to introduce non-bioengineered products may need to check the availability of non-bioengineered starches and their sources, including corn, rice, potatoes and wheat.

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Pick your protein

Food Business News, October 2013

While whey protein long has held its position in the ingredient lists of many sports nutrition products, new protein ingredients sourced from soy and wheat are challenging for a spot in those lineups, too. Solubility, glutamine content, digestion and pH all may factor into decisions made by food and beverage formulators.

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Health Canada Approves Listing Ingredients as Fiber

Food Business News, March 2013

Health Canada issued a letter of approval to MGP, regarding the classification of Fibersym RW and FiberRite resistant wheat starches as dietary fiber sources in unstandardized foods.

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Protein Plays Vital Supporting Roles

Baking & Snack, December 2012

A nutritional star in many food categories, protein in baked foods performs as a dough conditioner, structuring agent and moisture controller.

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Just Add Starch

Baking & Snack, November 2012

No two starches are created equal, and that’s good for bakery and snack product developers seeking to differentiate their products and solve formulating problems.

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A Watched Pot: Soups Go Low-Sodium

Food Product Design, July 2012

In early 2010, The Campbell Soup Company announced to great fanfare that it would lower the sodium content across more than half of its condensed canned soup line by as much as 45%—in some cases dropping totals from an eye-popping 800 mg of sodium per serving to a relatively modest 480 mg. The initiative earned widespread praise from constituencies ranging from public health advocates and government officials to members of the medical community.

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Image Gallery: A Taste of RCA 2012

Food Product Design, March 2012

Nearly every food show features product and prototype tastings to demonstrate company capabilities—but few events can hold a candle to the innovative edibles on display on at the Research Chefs Association (RCA) Culinology® Expo.

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Starch, the Overachiever

Baking Management, November 2011

Starch suppliers are no strangers to contradictory requests. Clean-label gluten free desserts. Fresh-tasting, shelf-stable breads. "Low-cal" cookies and donuts. Still, they continue to evolve to meet changing demand.

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Gut-Level Change

Baking & Snack, October 2011

Digestive health benefits greatly from dietary fiber ... and so do formulating and processing activities.

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Satisfaction that Lasts

Baking & Snack, March 2011

What ingredients help formulators develop baked foods and snacks that enhance satiety to foster weight management?

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Innovate with Starches to Save

Food Business News, February 15, 2011

Starches may save on costs while keeping in quality in whole grain or reduced-fat products.

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New Fiber For Food

Laboratory Equipment, December 9, 2010

Fibers in foods are forms of carbohydrates and lignin that are not digested in the small intestine. They play a role in human health by providing a feeling of fullness while minimizing calories, reducing constipation, and supplying an energy source for friendly bacterial colonies in the digestive tract. Diets high in fiber have also been linked to reduced risk of diseases such as diabetes and colon cancer.

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Fiber and Starch: A New Perspective

Baking Management, October 1, 2010

As suppliers come up with more and better solutions, bakers are facing fewer obstacles in formulating products with healthful fibers and starches.

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