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Wheat Starch

Wheat starch is the predominant component of wheat grain (approximately seventy-five to eighty percent), where it is present in the endosperm part, with protein as the second most abundant component. Starch is isolated from wheat flour by wet-processing that takes advantage of the dispersibility of starch in water and the dough-forming ability of the protein component (gluten). Dried wheat starch is characterized by its bright white color. The granules contain two granule populations: small granules averaging around 5 microns and large granules averaging around twenty microns. While the small granules outnumber the large granules, by weight, the large granules represent around seventy-five to eighty percent of the total and the remaining twenty to twenty-five percent consists of small granules. Wheat starch possesses a unique combination of properties that are related to its color, purity, paste viscosity, texture and gel strength.

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