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Modified Cook-Up Wheat Starch

In the U.S., modified starch for food applications is regulated by FDA under Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 172.892. These regulations specify the chemicals, combination of chemicals, levels of chemicals and residual chemicals or functional groups during modification reactions. For example, after modification of wheat starch, the product is washed to get rid of salts and un-reacted chemicals. The purified wheat starch stream can be dried using a flash dryer or a spray dryer and the resulting dried powder is called modified cook-up wheat starch. For its end-use food applications, Modified cook-up wheat starch is normally heated (or cooked, baked, fried, retorted, etc.) in the presence of other ingredients to yield the finished food products. Their typical functions in foods include thickening, binding, adhesion, moisture retention or crisping agent.

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