Process Improvements

Foods undergo a number of processing steps or unit operations before they are ready for human consumption. Some of these operations include grinding, blending, sheeting, mixing, proofing, cooking, baking, frying, retorting or extruding among others. Oftentimes, the unique properties of a particular ingredient dictate its usefulness in certain processes.

In baking applications, wheat protein isolates (Arise® 5000 and Arise® 6000) display reduction in dough mixing time and increased dough extensibility (slackening effect of the dough out of the mixer that recovers to optimum at the makeup stage). Several specialty wheat protein products (Arise® 5000, Arise® 6000 and a hydrolyzed wheat gluten, HWG 2009) make possible the formulation of high-protein, reduced-carbohydrate bakery products by increasing dough extensibility, which consequently improves dough machinability. Process improvements during processing of commercial sourdough bread, hamburger buns, Italian bread, English muffins and hot dog buns formulated with either Arise® 5000 or Arise® 6000 were documented in several case studies. The overall benefits derived from these studies can be summarized as follows: improved machinability and dough-line tolerance, improved baked product quality, and reduced production waste.

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