Lab Equipment

Technical Innovation Center Enhances Product Development Capabilities

MGP’s Technical Innovation Center in Atchison houses 11 laboratories, a state-of-the-art culinary kitchen, 19 offices, and two conference rooms. This facility, opened in 2007, includes protein and starch research labs; applications labs for bakery, meat, prepared foods, and distillery products; and sensory testing, instrumentation and analytical labs. All of these are equipped to effectively support and accommodate a full range of research, product formulation and training activities related to our ingredient technology and alcohol business unit platforms.

The Technical Innovation Center allows us to leverage our experience, know-how and research capabilities as a developer of naturally-derived ingredient solutions. It provides great opportunities for us to conduct practical development for the next generation of innovative ingredients; create formulations and conduct applications work in support of new product development and customer-based projects; present hands-on seminars for MGP personnel and our global distributors and customers; and host and work directly with customers in providing solutions to their product, R&D and product development initiatives.

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