Fibersym® Resistant Wheat Starch

Fibersym RW resistant wheat starch was created to enhance foods with an emphasis on health and wellness. This Non-GMO Project Verified RS4 starch is a rich source of dietary fiber that can be conveniently formulated into a wide variety of products, with minimal processing adjustments. Its clean flavor, smooth texture, white appearance and low water-holding properties allow our partners to easily boost the fiber content of their food.  It’s ideal for bread, pizza crust, flour tortillas, pasta, noodles, cookies, muffins, cereal, pastries and bakery mixes. This innovative ingredient can lower cholesterol levels and reduce calories while increasing fiber content.

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Studies and Presentations

We’re proud of the many studies showing the advantages of choosing Fibersym. Both internal and external sources consistently found significant benefits, including improved functional, sensory and nutritional qualities.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

We love to share information about our resistant wheat starches. Have a question about Fibersym? We have the answer. 

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