MGP's Fibersym® RW is an innovative resistant wheat starch that provides low glycemic impact, improved dietary fiber (85% minimum dietary fiber content - dry basis, AOAC Method 991:43) and enhanced process stability, all with the convenience of being a "drop-in" solution that minimizes formulation and production hurdles. This ingredient also has labeling benefits for dietary fiber contribution ("Good Source" or "Excellent Source"). Fibersym® RW lowers caloric content in pasta applications (less than 1 calorie per gram, by calculation), while also providing functional value (low water-holding capacity).

Our Arise® 6000 wheat protein isolate delivers 85% protein in pasta applications with proven cost savings over dried egg whites. Through freeze-thaw and extended shelf life settings, Arise® 6000 produces desired textural firmness in frozen, retorted, refrigerated and foodservice-related pasta applications. This ingredient also reduces stickiness of the final products.

To view functional performance data for Fibersym® RW and Arise® 6000 in pasta applications click here.

Overall Group Benefits

  • Improves Tolerance
  • Increases Textural Firmness
  • Enhances Dietary Fiber
  • Reduces Caloric Content

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Product Listing

Fibersym® RW

Simplifies formulation and processing steps; Enhances nutritional value; Enhances taste, texture and appearance; and Increases fiber and bifidogenic properties

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Arise® 6000

Improves dough development; Improves processing tolerance; Increases finished product volume; Increases dough extensibility; Increases textural firmness; and Improves tolerance to cooking

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