Tortilla Wrap

Overall Group Benefits

  • Enhances Dietary Fiber
  • Improves Extensibility and Sheeting
  • Reduces Caloric Content
  • Increases Shelf Life

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Product Listing


Increases protein; Easily soluble in water; High glutamine content; Aids in muscle recovery; Non-bitter flavor profile; Reduces dough mixing time; and Increases dough extensibility

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Fibersym® RW

Simplifies formulation and processing steps; Enhances nutritional value; Enhances taste, texture and appearance; and Increases fiber and bifidogenic properties

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Arise® 5000

Reduces fat absorption; Increases moisture retention; Increases dough extensibility; Reduces mix time; Adds texture; Maintains dough quality; and Increases yield

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Arise® 8100

Enhances Dough Strength; Improves Extensibility; Increases Volume; Enhances Elasticity; Reduces Mix Time

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FP™ 600

Improves extensibility and sheeting; Enhances pliability and shelf life; Increases textural firmness; and Ensures uniform structure

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