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TruTex® Textured Wheat Proteins

When choosing food ingredients that produce outstanding results, there are many sensory and functional benefits to consider. Chief among these are great taste and texture. TruTex®, MGP’s innovative line of textured wheat proteins, helps our customers deliver both. Because TruTex® has a neutral flavor profile, it doesn’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste that has to be masked with added spices. TruTex® also possesses unique, highly satisfying textural properties, as well as firmness and mouthfeel, plus it’s a rich source of protein.

TruTex® has excellent properties that are ideal for producing crispy snack foods and breakfast cereals. These properties come through after TruTex® is hydrated and then baked according to specifications to meet desired results of the finished product.

When hydrated, Trutex® takes on a remarkable fibrous structure that replicates the look and texture of meat. Varieties of TruTex® have been specially developed and customized for use in beef, poultry, pork and seafood applications, as well as vegetarian patties and other vegetarian products.

TruTex® provides:

  • A low flavor profile with no aftertaste, requiring less flavoring
  • Textural integrity that holds up well during processing
  • An outstanding source of protein
  • Excellent water- and fat-binding capacity for increased yields and reduced formulation costs

TruTex® is available in a variety of sizes and colors. It comes packaged in multi-ply bags and has a shelf life of up to two years when stored in cool, dry and sanitary conditions. To learn more about MGP’s textured plant proteins, please view our TruTex® brochure.

TruTex® is the new name for MGP’s Wheatex® line of textured proteins.

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