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Monique Huber, Quality Assurance Laboratory Manager

Monique Huber, Quality Assurance Laboratory Manager

What are the job responsibilities you perform for MGP? 

My job responsibility is to effectively and efficiently manage the lab and its technicians in a manner that ensures all areas of MGP receive the help they need to be successful. As a result, high quality products are released in a timely fashion to meet customer deadlines and specifications.

How have your career and/or skills evolved at MGP? 

I have been employed at MGPI for over 20 years. Although I am in the same department in which I began, I have been given the opportunity to widen my knowledge, allowing me to advance from a lab technician to lab manager. I continue to strive to learn new aspects of my job every day.  

Why did you choose employment at MGP? 

I chose MGP for my employment because it filled the criteria I was looking for in a career.  I have a science background and this company had the ideal job to gain more expertise in this field. I also live in Atchison, where the Company is headquartered, so the location has also been a great asset.

What do you like best about working at MGP? 

I like the type of work I do and also being involved in new processes and initiatives that help MGP move forward.

What are the most satisfying aspects of your role at MGP? 

The realization that what we do in the lab is very important to MGP’s success, and that I have the ability to guide the department beyond challenges toward new opportunities.

How have MGP’s values been reflected in your work? 

I have been a faithful employee for many years. It is very important to me that what I do is always a positive contribution to MGPI’s success. To be accurate, on time and proactive is a must.

Describe the most significant or exciting challenge you have had while working for MGP. 

The most exciting challenge for me was becoming the QA manager. It happened during difficult times for the company which was a significant challenge. I am glad that I still get to work in the lab running tests but also get to the company from a different point of view with the involvement in audits, meetings and specialized training courses.

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