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Pam Soule, Quality Manager

Pam Soule

What are the job responsibilities you perform for MGP? 

My responsibilities at MGP include managing the Quality Control Laboratory and staff to ensure that analytical and sensory testing procedures are properly conducted for the benefit of external and internal customers.  I am also responsible for providing sensory and analytical analysis of whiskey inventories for MGP and our customers.

How have your career and/or skills evolved at MGP? 

I have worked at the Lawrenceburg facility for 33 years, with 25 years spent in Quality.  MGP provided me the opportunity to advance to my current position as Quality Manager.  It has been an exciting and motivating experience as we have expanded the laboratory testing and product development initiatives at MGP on behalf of our customer partners.

Why did you choose employment at MGP? 

I really enjoy working in the alcohol industry, and am especially fascinated by the production and aging of our bourbons and whiskeys.  One of MGP’s core values is Progress – Develop Yourself and Your People. I look forward to learning more each day, while also helping other members of the Quality Lab staff enhance their skills and knowledge.

What do you like best about working at MGP? 

What I like best about working at MGP is the people.  We have a great mix of personnel consisting of many employees, who, like me, have worked at the facility for years, along with employees who are relatively new to the facility.  Melding the two groups has been a rewarding experience, as we work together to improve processes at Lawrenceburg and grow the business.

What are the most satisfying aspects of your role at MGP? 

Aspects that I find most satisfying about my role include customer visits and our product development initiatives – showcasing our facility and explaining how we make superb products for our customers and how our group can work to develop products to match their precise specifications.

How have MGP’s values been reflected in your work?   

The Company’s Core Values – People, Pride, and Progress -- are important to me as I come to work each day.  Collaborating with the Sales and Innovation Teams to develop a product for customers, changing the way we accomplish tasks in the laboratory, and creating a work environment where everyone can contribute to a project is highly motivating.

Describe the most significant or exciting challenge you have had while working for MGP. 

Developing a new product that meets a customer’s expectations is very exciting. It can also be challenging at times, which results in an even greater sense of accomplishment.  When a customer has success with our development work, it’s rewarding to know we had a part in achieving their objective.

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