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Our Dedication to the Customer

Our number one priority is to continue to create a more responsive organization that is dedicated to helping our customers grow their businesses.

Our business foundation is squarely set on serving large, multi-national companies that manufacture branded consumer packaged goods. Through a select group of core customers, MGP’s reach extends across a wide variety of product categories.

Today, what we bring to our customers is less about selling manufactured products than it is about solving customer problems. For example, food companies are searching for new ways to make their products more flavorful, more nutritious, more convenient and a better overall value. As a result, customers are including MGP’s fiber, specialty protein and textured protein platforms in new formulations of prepared packaged foods, including frozen, refrigerated and microwavable items.

Another area where we help our customers compete is a preferred supplier of high quality alcohols. Whether we produce grain neutral spirits for premium vodkas or industrial alcohol for pharmaceuticals, personal care products and a host of other applications, we see opportunities to grow with our customers.

How we execute makes all the difference in being able to consistently deliver what is promised. This aligns with strengthening our emphasis on foundational excellence across all facets of the Company. Our entire supply chain process, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing to customer deliveries, has been retooled to increase our capabilities for serving customers. This entire process is much more synchronized than it has ever been in the past. Our supply chain model was established to speed the flow of goods and information, while improving our operational efficiencies. We are also continuing to build out our customer-facing teams in sales and marketing, as well as in research, development and innovation.

We have a vision for MGP in which we see a much more valuable company in the eyes of our customers. To that end, we are committed to fortifying our value to the customer and our ability to execute consistently at a high level.


MGP Management

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