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About MGP

MGP provides a host of naturally derived specialty ingredients that have been developed for use primarily in food, beverage and household product applications. From developing new product innovations to enhancing the qualities of our unique proteins and starches and premium alcohol products, we create solutions that help our customers succeed.

For food applications, our ingredients provide a multitude of advantages. From uses in bakery goods, to meat enhancement applications, to soups, sauces and breadings, these ingredients help make foods more appealing in taste, appearance and functionality, as well as nutritionally beneficial.

Combining decades of experience with ongoing technological advances, MGP is a preeminent producer of distillery products serving producers of finished packaged goods in the beverage, food and personal care and pharmaceutical sectors, to name a few.

In each of the areas we serve, we are committed to supporting our customers' innovations the best way possible by advancing the value of nature.

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