New 250 Barrel-Minimum Supports Customers’ Product Development, Branding

ATCHISON, KAN., July 25, 2018 — Craft distillers who want to explore or launch new brands now have additional support from MGP. The company has reduced its minimum order for proprietary mash bills to 250 barrels from the previous 1,000-barrel requirement, said MGP Vice President of Alcohol Sales and Marketing David Dykstra.

In addition to lowering the minimum order, MGP will allow customers to “pool” orders with other distillers to fulfill the 250-barrel requirement. 

“Offering this additional flexibility to customers is yet another way that MGP helps develop exceptional brands, whether our experts are creating a new mash bill or providing an existing mash bill ready for a distinctive finish,” Dykstra said.

MGP also offers a customized entry proof and the option to use either new or used barrels. A customer also can opt to store product in an MGP rack house when it is ready to age.

 “We’re full-service and fully committed to partnerships that benefit our customers of all sizes,” Dykstra said.

For more information on how MGP can help build your brand, please contact your MGP sales representative.