Consolidated sales increased 9.3% from prior year period; Operating income increased 49.6%; Adjusted operating income up 56.7%   

ATCHISON, Kan., May 5, 2021 - MGP Ingredients, Inc. (Nasdaq:MGPI), a leading supplier of premium distilled spirits and specialty wheat proteins and starches, today reported results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2021.

2021 first quarter results compared to 2020 first quarter results

  • Consolidated sales increased 9.3% to $108.3 million, as a result of double-digit growth in premium beverage alcohol within the Distillery Products segment. 
  • Consolidated gross profit increased 39.2% to $32.3 million, representing 29.8% of consolidated sales, due to improved gross profit in the Distillery Products segment. 
  • Consolidated operating income increased 49.6% to $20.5 million, inclusive of Luxco acquisition related costs.
  • Non-GAAP operating income increased 56.7% to $22.4 million, exclusive of Luxco acquisition related costs.
  • Earnings per share ("EPS") increased to $0.90 per share from $0.57 per share, primarily due to higher operating income.
  • Non-GAAP EPS increased to $1.01 per share from $0.61 per share, exclusive of Luxco acquisition related costs.

“We are very pleased with our continued momentum this quarter, which has again yielded record consolidated results,” said David Colo, president and CEO of MGP Ingredients. “Sales of premium beverage alcohol increased 31.1%, while brown goods sales grew 49.3% from last year, primarily due to higher aged whiskey and new distillate sales. As expected during the quarter, we experienced some temporary softness in our Ingredient Solutions segment primarily due to a natural gas curtailment that impacted approximately two weeks of production in February; however, we anticipate improved results in the second quarter as we have cycled past the weather related events in the first quarter.

“Integration of our recently completed acquisition of Luxco is well underway, and on track to achieve the synergy expectations we shared earlier in the year. Additionally, we anticipate fully transitioning our legacy MGP brands into the Luxco sales and marketing organization during the second quarter, which will be reflected in our quarterly results and reported under the Branded Spirits segment going forward,” continued Colo.

Distillery Products Segment - Brown Goods Sales Grew 49.3% Led by Strong Aged Whiskey Sales

In the first quarter of 2021, sales for the Distillery Products segment increased 11.5% to $89.2 million, reflecting a 31.1% increase in sales of premium beverage alcohol, primarily due to higher aged whiskey and new distillate sales.  Gross profit increased to $28.3 million or 31.8% of segment sales, compared to $18.2 million, or 22.8% of segment sales in the first quarter 2020.

“We posted another record quarter in the Distillery Products segment, primarily driven by strong aged whiskey and new distillate sales, as a result of the continued robust consumer demand for our premium beverage alcohol offerings,” said Colo. “The macro consumer trend supporting the ongoing growth of the American Whiskey category remains solid, which is confirmed by the demand we’re experiencing from new and existing brown goods customers.

“As for industrial alcohol products, we are seeing improved pricing and margins following contract negotiations but anticipate spot market margins will normalize and return to historical levels as demand moderates and additional supply enters the market over the next several quarters.”

Ingredient Solutions Segment

For the first quarter of 2021, sales in the Ingredient Solutions segment increased 0.3% to $19.1 million.  Gross profit declined to $4.0 million, or 20.7% of segment sales, compared to $5.0 million, or 26.0% of segment sales in the first quarter 2020.

“As expected, this quarter’s results do not properly reflect the solid demand we continue to experience in the Ingredient Solutions segment,” said Colo. “Despite the temporary natural gas curtailments, we finished the quarter with strong sales and margins in March and anticipate improved results in the second quarter as we have cycled past the weather related events in the first quarter. We believe our diverse customer base and product offering continue to be aligned with strong consumer trends.”


MGP experienced a fire at the Atchison facility during the fourth quarter 2020, which damaged feed drying equipment and caused a temporary loss of production time. During the first quarter, the Company recorded a $3.6 million partial settlement from its insurance carrier and is working to construct a replacement drying system that is anticipated to be operational in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Corporate selling, general and administrative ("SG&A") expenses for the first quarter 2021 increased $2.3 million to $11.8 million as compared to the first quarter 2020, primarily driven by the Luxco acquisition related costs.

The corporate effective tax rate for the quarter was 23.0% compared with 24.7% in the year ago period, primarily due to additional tax credits recognized as a result of the new drying system investment.

EPS increased to $0.90 for the first quarter 2021, compared to $0.57 for the first quarter 2020. First quarter 2021 non-GAAP EPS increased to $1.01 per share from $0.61 per share, exclusive of Luxco acquisition related costs, as compared to the prior year period.

2021 Outlook

MGP is offering the following guidance for fiscal 2021, excluding Luxco's financial results and acquisition related costs:

  • 2021 adjusted sales growth is projected in the 0% to 2% range versus 2020.
  • The Company’s estimate of growth in adjusted operating income in 2021 is 7% to 12%.
  • Adjusted earnings per share are forecasted to be in the $2.05 to $2.15 range, with shares outstanding expected to be approximately 22.0 million at year end.

Adjusted sales growth reflects reduced sales of third-party industrial alcohol and reduced average selling prices resulting from selling wet versus dried distillers grains by-products.  Full year adjusted earnings per share guidance includes the impact of the 5.0 million shares issued in connection with the Luxco acquisition, while the first quarter earnings per share results were calculated based on 17.0 million shares outstanding prior to the transaction's close.

The Company anticipates providing 2021 consolidated guidance inclusive of Luxco as part of the second quarter earnings announcement, at which point MGP will have completed the finance and accounting requirements associated with the transaction.


“While we are off to a strong start to the year, we remain conscientious of the uncertainty the pandemic brings and how its lingering effects might impact results,” said Colo. “We remain committed to the execution of our long-term growth strategy, further building on the momentum from last year. We recently achieved a significant milestone in our strategic plan with the completion of the Luxco acquisition. The newly combined company will greatly expand our portfolio of higher value-added branded spirits from coast to coast. We now have three business segments that are uniquely aligned with strong consumer trends, which we believe will create long-term and sustainable shareholder value.

“Inventory of aging whiskey declined $6.7 million from the fourth quarter to $98.7 million, at cost, at the end of first quarter 2021, reflecting strong sales of aged whiskey and reduced put-away of whiskey for aging. We are very pleased with the continued execution of this critical component of our long-term strategy. Our library of various mash bills and vintages has truly enabled MGP to provide additional value to customers while contributing significant levels of profit and cash flow for the company.”

Conference Call and Webcast Information

MGP Ingredients will host a conference call for analysts and institutional investors at 10 a.m. ET today to discuss these results and current business trends.  The conference call and webcast will be available via:

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About MGP Ingredients, Inc.

MGP Ingredients, Inc. (Nasdaq: MGPI) is a leading producer of premium distilled spirits, branded spirits, and food ingredient solutions. Since 1941, we have combined our expertise and energy aimed at formulating excellence, bringing product ideas to life collaboratively with our customers.

As one of the largest distillers in the U.S., MGP’s offerings include bourbon and rye whiskeys, gins, and vodkas, which are created at the intersection of science and imagination, for customers of all sizes, from crafts to multinational brands. With U.S. distilleries in Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas, and Washington D.C., and bottling operations in Missouri, Ohio, and Northern Ireland, MGP has the infrastructure and expertise to create on any scale.

MGP’s branded spirits portfolio covers a wide spectrum of brands in every segment, including iconic brands from Luxco, which was founded in 1958 by the Lux Family. Luxco is a leading producer, supplier, importer and bottler of beverage alcohol products. Our branded spirits mission is to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of consumers, associates and business partners. Luxco’s award-winning spirits portfolio includes well-known brands from five distilleries: Bardstown, Kentucky-based Lux Row Distillers, home of Ezra Brooks, Rebel, Blood Oath, David Nicholson and Daviess County; Lebanon, Kentucky-based Limestone Branch Distillery, maker of Yellowstone Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Minor Case Straight Rye Whiskey and Bowling & Burch Gin; Jalisco, Mexico-based Destiladora González Lux, producer of 100% agave tequilas, El Mayor, Exotico and Dos Primos; MGP’s historic distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, where the George Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Rossville Union Straight Rye Whiskey are produced; and the Washington, D.C.-based Green Hat Distillery, producer of the Green Hat family of gins. The innovative and high-quality brand portfolio also includes Everclear Grain Alcohol, Pearl Vodka, Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream, The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey and other well-recognized brands.

In addition, our Ingredient Solutions segment offers specialty proteins and starches that help customers harness the power of plants and provide a host of functional, nutritional and sensory benefits for a wide range of food products.

The transformation of American grain into something more is in the soul of our people, products, and history. We’re devoted to unlocking the creative potential of this extraordinary resource. For more information, visit

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The forward-looking statements contained herein include, but are not limited to, statements about the expected effects on MGP Ingredients, Inc. ("the Company") of the recent acquisition of Luxco, Inc. and its affiliates ("Luxco"), anticipated earnings enhancements, synergies and other strategic options. Forward looking statements are usually identified by or are associated with such words as “intend,” “plan,” “believe,” “estimate,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “hopeful,” “should,” “may,” “will,” “could,” “encouraged,” “opportunities,” “potential,” and/or the negatives or variations of these terms or similar terminology.

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