MGP Expands Non-GMO Project Verified Ingredient Offerings

ATCHISON, Kan., September 6, 2017--MGP Ingredients, Inc., the largest U.S. supplier of specialty wheat proteins and starches, today announced further expansion of the company’s portfolio of Non-GMO Project Verified food ingredients. 

Along with all of the company’s specialty wheat starches and various other specialty wheat proteins, these ingredients now also include MGP’s Arise® 5000, Arise® 5500 and Arise® 6000 wheat protein isolates, and HWG™ 2009 lightly hydrolyzed wheat protein. They additionally include the company’s recently announced series of clean label wheat protein isolates, which consist of Arise® 8000, Arise® 8100 and Arise® 8200.

“This new development provides increased evidence of MGP’s strong commitment to the “better for you” market segment and to meeting rigorous testing and production requirements,” said Michael Buttshaw, vice president of ingredients sales and marketing.

In addition to providing protein enrichment, the Arise protein isolates deliver a multitude of functional benefits across a wide range of bakery products and other food applications.  Among noticeable advantages are their ability to reduce mixing time and provide enhanced dough extensibility, which effectively improves machinability of the dough during dividing, sheeting and moulding operations, especially in automated high-speed bakery systems.   

Because they are derived from the protein component of wheat, Arise selections are especially ideal for wheat flour-based formulations.  Pizza and flatbread crusts, tortillas, pan breads, rolls, bakery mixes, pasta and more are among the many applications for this series.

Most of these same uses and benefits hold true for HWG 2009, which also has applications in instant drink mixes, nutritional bars and other nutritional snack products.

Among  MGP’s  food ingredients previously designated as Non-GMO Project Verified are signature proprietary ingredients such as Fibersym® RW and FiberRite® RW resistant wheat starches, which provide a rich source of dietary fiber; Midsol™ premium wheat starches; Pregel™ premium wheat starches; FP™ wheat protein concentrates; and Optein® lightly hydrolyzed wheat protein. The full list is provided in the table below:

Non-GMO Project Verified Starches

Non-GMO Project Verified Proteins

Fibersym® RW

Arise® 5000

FiberRite® RW

Arise® 5500

GWS™ 1600

Arise® 6000

GWS™ 8900

Arise® 8000

Midsol™ 1

Arise® 8100

Midsol™ 4

Arise® 8200

Midsol™ 46

HWG™ 2009

Midsol™ 1020

FP™ 300

Midsol™ Adhere

FP™ 600

Midsol™ Krisp


Midsol™ 50

Vital Wheat Gluten

Pregel™ 10FC


Pregel™ 40


Pregel™ 46


Pregel™ Adhere 2000


Pregel™ 10


RM™ 50


 “As we have noted in the past, our Non-GMO Project Verified initiative represents a significant technical, manufacturing and quality assurance investment for MGP,” Buttshaw said. “The work done by David Whitmer, corporate director of quality, in collaboration with our R&D and operations teams speaks to the strength of our expertise and commitment to address the needs of our customers in a world of growing, highly influential macro trends.  In that regard, among the strides we continue to make is our ability to help leverage the growing market demand for non-GMO ingredients, not to mention plant-based and clean label ingredients.”

The Non-GMO Project, a non-profit organization, offers North America’s only third party verification and labeling for non-GMO food and products. They currently verify products from more than 2,500 brands, representing $16 Billion in annual sales.

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