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WHAT is ProTerra® textured pea protein?

ProTerra textured pea protein is a recent addition to MGP’s proven line of textured, plant-based proteins. It mimics the appearance and the fibrous texture of meat and it’s gluten-free and allergen-free. It comes in a range of textures and sizes, giving it the flexibility to be used in almost any application.

WHO invented ProTerra textured pea protein?

ProTerra textured pea proteins were brought to life through a collaborative effort between MGP’s R&D, operations, and sales teams as well as outside partners who sourced the peas and turned them into textured pea protein. However, it was the MGP R&D and operations team who perfected it and made it a marketable and scalable product. MGP has been expert in the entire texturizing process for more than 25 years, beginning with textured wheat protein products.

WHERE was it developed?

ProTerra textured pea proteins were developed by a large scale extruder and in the food science labs at MGP headquarters in Atchison, Kansas.

WHEN was it introduced?

ProTerra textured pea proteins  hit the market in May 2020.

WHY was ProTerra textured pea proteins developed?

MGP’s former Chief Science Officer and Vice President of R&D Ody Maningat, Ph.D., said it best: “Pea protein has a more neutral flavor profile, is considered allergen-free, has good nutritional value, and lastly, the product is versatile and easy to use.” MGP developed its textured pea product as a highly promising plant-based protein for the food industry.

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