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Eye-opening uses of Arise

MGP’s Arise® is a versatile wheat protein isolate that can be used in a huge range of bakery and flour-based products. Here, our food experts explain the most interesting and impressive uses of Arise they’ve ever seen.

Chief Science Officer and VP of R&D, Ody Maningat, Ph.D. recalled a time when a large food production company (to remain unnamed) came to MGP with an idea for refrigerated dough. “It never occurred to me that Arise could even be used in that application. It was pretty inventive.”

MGP Principal Food Scientist, Liming Cai, Ph.D., pointed out how Arise helped the Atkins  craze. “At the time the Atkins diet was popular, people wanted high protein breads, but they didn’t taste great. Arise helped changed that by helping soften the dough and making it more stretchable. That created low carb, high protein bread that had better texture and flavor.”

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