Best Degrees for Food Science Biz
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The Best Bachelor’s Degrees for the Biz.

What’s the best bachelor’s degree to get into food science? Well, if you ask MGP experts they’ll have different answers. Sarah Gutkowski's bachelor’s degree is in food science while Ody Maningat's bachelor’s degree is in chemistry. Obviously a food science degree is a good route, but it’s not the only one.

Now, we’d like to know about your bachelor’s degree and background. The goal is to educate future food scientists on the best ways to get in the biz. So, if you’re up for it, take this quick survey and let us in on how your bachelor’s degree helped you get to where you are.

Survey results will be shared anonymously in a future blog post with the intent of providing a resource for future food scientists who may be wondering how to break into the industry. Your answers will be invaluable for these aspiring professionals.