Super Premium Spirits Photo

Super-premium spirits were hot at the dawn of 2020. Then, a little thing called a pandemic forced consumers to stay home. Unable to spend on travel and other experiences, they experimented with cooking and cocktails, turning to online shopping for their alcohol, including high-end spirits.

According to Food & Wine:One of the biggest sales increases was among the high-end premium and super-premium spirits, where year-over-year sales grew by 7.3 percent and 12.7 percent, respectively—and a nice bottle of liquor was apparently the way that a lot of us tried to treat ourselves.”

It’s tough to predict whether super-premium spirits will maintain their torrid growth in 2021. Will pent-up consumer demand shift outward from products and experiences at home, boosting on-premise alcohol sales? Or will lingering concerns about the pandemic see consumers continuing to socialize at home with family and friends?

Regardless of which macroeconomic and social or political forces are impacting consumers this year, one thing is certain: There’s always demand for spirits that are considered ‘special.’

U.K.-based alcohol wholesaler LWC discussed the super-premium category in a July 2019 blog: “The attributes that make any object truly 'super-premium' are both easy to understand and difficult to define. High value, rarity and tradition can play their parts. But more than anything else, ‘super-premium’ should be about craftsmanship and quality.”

Quality is the building block for craftsmanship, creating spirits that are ready for the artisanal touches that give spirits personality and complexity. The Master Blenders and Master Distillers at MGP ensure quality in every barrel and then collaborate with customers to create something special, whether in the premium or super-premium category. Contact us today to learn more.