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Bourbon (99% Corn)

Sweet candy notes dominate. The finish follows this sweetness, eventually fading to corn grain.

Bourbon (36% Rye)

Heavy caramel and vanilla dominate the forward notes. Slight hints of cocoa, chocolate, and smoke provide complexity to the body.  The finish balances roasted nuts, rye spice, and caramel.

Bourbon (21% Rye)

Sweet. Fruit, vanilla, caramel, and cream are layered until a rye spice develops in the finish.

Bourbon (49% Barley Malt)

Malt chocolate sweetness, hints of sweet and dried fruit linger in the finish.

Bourbon (45% Wheat)

Rich sweetness from cream, vanilla, and fruit, with a creamy mouth feel.


Distilled Orange Gin

Delightfully fruity and creamy, this gin will transport you to a sweet, sunlit orange grove. Up-front juniper yields to creamy orange and mild sweetness.

Distilled Lemon-Lime Gin

With the zest of lemon and lime, this gin is jazzy and bold with amazingly crisp freshness. Up-front juniper taste, lemon-lime finish.

Distilled Cucumber Gin

Like crisp cucumber from a vegetable garden, this gin is fresh and lively. Juniper and spice taste initially. Cucumber provides an earthy body and finish.

Distilled Citrus Berry Gin

This gin is full of pleasant surprises, like visiting a citrus grove with a nearby strawberry field. Juniper gives way to a finish of citrus and strawberry.

Heritage 400 Distilled Gin

A well-balanced, smooth gin with juniper, along with a bold coriander, pine-like finish. Slightly creamy and sweet. Slight hints of citrus add complexity throughout the body and finish.

Heritage 300 Distilled Gin

Earthy like a walk in the forest, this gin’s dry, juniper quality is bold and tasty. Dry and earthy tasting.

Heritage 200 Distilled Gin

Crisp and airy with a hint of floral and orange peels, this traditional gin provides notes of evergreen and spice. Juniper, citrus, and spice provide complexity to the body and finish.

Heritage 100 Distilled Gin

With up-front juniper and a background of coriander, this traditional gin has an earthy profile. Juniper and pine are the main flavor. Slight hints of citrus and spice throughout the body and finish.

Grain Neutral Spirits

Non-GMO Project Verified Grain Neutral Spirits

Among MGP’s more unique beverage alcohol offerings is Non-GMO Project Verified Grain Neutral Spirits (GNS).

Grain Neutral Spirits

MGP produces Grain Neutral Spirits, GNS, to individual specification for our customers and quality is judged on both a chemical and sensory analysis.


95% Wheat Whiskey

Sweet, creamy, with vanilla notes and a hint of wood. Sweet finish fades to slight barrel notes and vanilla.

95% Rye Whiskey

Caramel and vanilla forward notes fade to a complex spice and smoky body.  The rye spice in the body carries into a long finish.

51% Rye Whiskey

Bold and spicy finish. As it ages, this whiskey displays the dominant notes of caramel, vanilla, and fruit associated with corn. 

Malt Whiskey (100% Barley Malt)

Bold malt and fruit flavors dominate the forward and body notes of the flavor profile.  Slight hints of smoke, chocolate, and oak develop at the end of the body and fade into the heavily malted finish.

Light Whiskey (99% Corn)

Heavy chocolate and cream notes complement those from the used barrels, leading to slight fruit notes in the body. A sweet finish fades to mellow notes from the barrel.

Corn Whiskey (15% Rye)

Fruit, grain and hints of oak give way to slight notes of rye in the body and finish.