Whiskey Aging - Where Old is Gold
Masters of Spirits

Where Old is Gold

A history-making stockpile of rare pre-Prohibition whiskey was recently discovered locked away behind bank vault doors, concealed by trick bookcases. It seems that early in the last century, it was stashed by a California banker and whiskey lover who anticipated the coming of Prohibition. Vintage spirits collectors broke open their wallets and the collection sold at auction for over $3 million.

Is aged whiskey really that good? The simple answer is “yes”, though at MGP we believe it doesn’t have to be an antique to be extraordinary.

Inside an aging barrel, the alchemy of whiskey and charred oak takes the rough edges off a young product. It’s no secret that the longer it ages, the smoother and more complex the flavors can become.  Using secondary wood treatments to enhance certain flavor notes or experimenting with different char levels can bring a whole new dimension.

There is treasure to be found in aged spirits, but the direct and indirect costs of waiting years for a product to mature can present a significant challenge for some new makers. After all, not everyone has barrels of cash that can be tied up in inventory and proper warehousing for anywhere from 2 to 10 or more years.

MGP makes a molehill out of this mountain. Our historic Indiana distillery’s warehouses are full of top-quality stock that we’ve laid down over the years. Partnering with MGP literally allows a one-year old brand to offer a top quality five-year old bourbon, seamlessly, without any shortcuts.

We also work with well-established brands who’ve been challenged to keep up with the increased demand for spirits. They need a reliable, consistent supply that meets their brand’s flavor profile that their customers love with every sip.

Want a spirit that’s young, but ready? Or one aged long enough to raise eyebrows? Something in between? We’ve got it and are proud to help you make it into your brand’s calling card.

Have you ever had the opportunity to sip a collector-worthy antique whiskey?