Custom vs Std Mash Bills
Masters of Spirits

Standard Vs. Custom Mash Bills: Off the Shelf or Bespoke?

MGP offers a dozen existing mash bills, each one a time-tested combination of specific grains that’s fermented and distilled to become your bourbon or whiskey. These mash bills may be “standard”, but they’re not ordinary. They range from 99% corn light whiskey, to 36% rye bourbon, to 45% wheat bourbon and plenty more. We can help you find the right flavor and sensory profile for your brand within our proven library of premium bourbons and whiskeys. Selecting one of these mash bills – or perhaps mingling a few to create a unique blend   can shorten your time to market, an important factor for many makers.

But what if you want to forge a new path? To capture the elusive taste profile that you dream about? Partner with MGP and create a custom blend that results in a mash bill uniquely yours. Regardless of your size, it’s possible to bench test and fine tune to get your juice exactly as you’ve imagined it. 

Our depth of knowledge and experience in blending grains to create precise taste profiles, mouth feel and “nose” help get you to your recipe with a lot less trial and error. Even if that means wrangling complicated grains. Rye, for example, is a rich, bold grain that brings a special spice to bourbon and whiskey, especially compared to softer, golden grains like wheat. Though it provides great flavor, it is technically tricky to work with. MGP has mastered the difficulties involved in producing the high rye bourbons and whiskeys that some other distillers steer clear of.  And that’s just one example of the skill and expertise MGP brings to customizing very special mash bills. 

Imagine what we can do together.

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