Sarah Gutkowski-Fischer

Sarah Gutkowski-Fischer was named Food Technology Manager in 2020. She works closely with customers and the MGP sales team to develop food formulations and promote new concepts in the marketplace, and provides technical support and education to customers, brokers and distributors. Sarah joined MGP as Baking Applications Scientist in 2015, with responsibility for laboratory experiments using new ingredients and onsite product demonstrations at customer locations.

A combined interest in chemistry and food formulations inspired Sarah to pursue a career in food science. She noted that her “passion for helping create healthful, great-tasting foods that are also high in functionality” is what attracted her to MGP.

Sarah earned her Master of Science degree in Grain Science with a focus on carbohydrate polymers and emulsifiers at Kansas State University, Manhattan. As a Graduate Research Assistant, she conducted analytical tests on starch ingredients. Prior, Sarah was a science intern for a large food manufacturer in Minnesota and formulated ready-to-eat cereals. Her duties included working with flavor and ingredient companies to increase the nutritional value of cereal products.

In 2018, Sarah presented a lecture on Food Applications of Fibersym® RW, a dietary fiber from MGP, at the Institute of Food Technologists short course sponsored by the Carbohydrate Division. She attended the three-day intensive course on Pasta Production and Technology at Northern Crops Institute in Fargo, North Dakota, in 2016. Sarah is a professional member of IFT, American Society of Baking and Cereals & Grains Association.

Sarah received her Bachelor of Science degree in food science at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, in 2011.