Food Grade Industrial Alcohol

Historically, alcohol for industrial use was our first major product. In addition to a stable source of supply, our industrial alcohol area offers customers definite advantages, including the central location of our facilities which enhance distribution efficiencies. Furthermore, production can be more perfectly attuned to customer-need schedules.

Because of MGP’s long experience with the beverage industry, we have developed expertise of direct benefit to food grade industrial alcohol customers. Both markets depend on high-quality raw materials that provide predictable and repeatable results. We are accustomed to meeting high standards.

Our alcohol is checked by organoleptic as well as by analytical chemical methods to verify its neutrality and freedom from foreign odors and tastes. In non-denatured uses of industrial alcohol for food products, such as flavorings and extracts, product-quality is critical. Quality demands for scientific research in hospitals and educational institutions are equally stringent. We are able to comply with this variety of requirements and provide alcohol that readily conforms to all the rigid standards for labeling as “U.S.P.,” “A.C.S.,” “N.F.” or “reagent grade,” depending on product and use.

Since we produce all of our alcohol from natural grains, we can offer concerned customers the additional advantage of a completely natural product.

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Alcohol is one of the most versatile products known. Applications range from use in food and pharmaceutical products to industrial solvents. The United States Government lists numerous different use-codes for specially denatured alcohol alone. The field of proprietary solvents adds hundreds of other uses for alcohol as a solvent.

MGP can supply any of the authorized formulations of denatured alcohol. Customer requirements for samples can be provided quickly.

Food Applications

The food industry is a major user of alcohol. For instance, MGP is a key supplier to the vinegar manufacturing industry. Industrial alcohol also plays a substantial role in the manufacturing of flavors and extracts, food dyes, candy glazes, yeast, various sprays and animal-feed supplements.

Personal Care Product Applications

One of the largest users of ethyl alcohol is the personal care products industry. Common products requiring alcohol are hair and scalp preparations, deodorants, perfumes, colognes, lotions for hands, face and skin, mouthwashes, oral antiseptics and hand sanitizers. Soap and shampoo manufactures also use large quantities of alcohol.

Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Applications

The pharmaceutical industry makes a wide use of ethyl alcohol, since its characteristics allow it to act as a carrier for a wide spectrum of medicines, such as cough preparations, decongestants, iodine solutions and many other products. Acting as a solvent, ethanol is useful for processing antibiotics, vaccines, tablets and pills, vitamins and a variety of medicines.

Other Applications

Cleaning solutions for household uses, as well as for industrial purposes, are other major categories requiring ethyl alcohol. In addition, it is one of the primary ingredients used in producing biocides, insecticides and fungicides.