Providing Solutions

From start to finish, MGP converts grain and other natural raw materials into beneficial solutions for a host of commercial applications. In all of the areas we serve, we are committed to supporting our customers' innovations the best way possible by helping create better products for consumers and the environment.

Health & Nutrition

The health and wellness movement continues to resonate well with consumers and is forecasted to lead the way for years to come. Linked with soaring consumer demand for weight-management products and digestive health ingredients, there will be an increased emphasis on caloric content and physiological benefits of food and beverage products. Inclusion of resistant starch in the definition of dietary fiber by Codex Alimentarius and regulatory agencies of many countries prompted more interest in ...

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Product Functionality

Other than serving as nutrient sources, wheat starch and wheat proteins (gluten) are added to foods because of the unique functionalities they impart. Oftentimes, » read more

Process Improvements

Foods undergo a number of processing steps or unit operations before they are ready for human consumption. Some of these operations include grinding, blending, sheeting, mixing, proofing, cooking, baking, frying, retorting or extruding among others. Oftentimes, the unique properties of a particular ingredient dictate its usefulness in certain processes. In baking applications, wheat protein isolates (Arise® 5000 and Arise® 6000) display » read more

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