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Optein® Lightly Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Optein®, a lightly hydrolyzed wheat protein with greater than 90% protein content and rich in peptide-bonded glutamine, is ideal for use in products that aid in muscle recovery following exercise. Such products include nutritional bars and beverages. Produced by a unique manufacturing process, Optein® possesses good solubility in water and other liquids. It has a non-bitter flavor profile compared to soy protein, thereby reducing the need for the addition of flavor-masking agents to create products that are both tasty and nutritious. Additionally, Optein® can act as a suitable replacement for L-cysteine in reducing dough mixing time and in improving dough extensibility in bakery product applications.

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Studies and Presentations

We’re proud of the many studies showing the advantages of choosing Optein. Both internal and external sources consistently found significant benefits, including improved functional, sensory and nutritional qualities.  

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We love to share information about our lightly hydrolyzed wheat proteis. Have a question about Optein? We have the answer. 

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