Dressed Salad

Overall Group Benefits

  • Reduces Caloric Content
  • Improves Clarity
  • Moderately Replaces Fat
  • Adds Processing Stability
  • Provides Dietary Fiber

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Product Listing

Pregel™ 40

Increases batter viscosity; Improves moisture retention; Improves crumb tenderness; Improves texture; Provides thickening; and Increases tolerance to processing

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Midsol™ 46

Increases viscosity; Aids in moisture management; Enhances texture and firmness; Improves flavor release; Improves freeze-thaw stability; and Adds heat, shear and acid stability during processing

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Pregel™ 46

Provides a soft and chewy texture; Controls spread; Increases viscosity and processing tolerance; and Prevents oil migration

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Midsol™ 4

Improves texture; Increases viscosity; and Improves clarity

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