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Arya Tulva, Protein and Starch Production Manager

Arya Tulva, Protein and Starch Production Manager

What are the job responsibilities you perform for MGP?

My principal responsibilities are to monitor operations of the Atchison Facility, schedule production and personnel and manage shift managers and plan and organize daily shift activities. I also develop an annual budget plan which takes into consideration capital projects and needs based on the Company’s strategies and objectives.

How have your career and/or skills evolved at MGP?

I initially joined MGP as a Project Engineer. Since then, I have transitioned to related positions, and currently hold the position of Protein & Starch Production Manager. As a Project Engineer, apart from other projects, I had the great opportunity of working on a multi-million dollar critical project in the Protein and Starch department, which eventually translated into huge savings for the Company. This project gave me tremendous insight into Protein and Starch operations and led to my role as a Process Engineer. Since then I have worked on various improvement projects and process modifications. It has greatly improved my understanding of manufacturing systems as a whole, along with helping my business and team managerial skills. My position as Production Manager is a very dynamic role and, at the same time, very challenging. This position has enhanced the value to my educational background and experience.

Why did you choose employment at MGP?

Manufacturing has always been my area of interest. As I was approaching graduation, a professor mentioned MGP as a possible place of employment that could utilize my skills. As a result of my research on MGP, I became fascinated by the variety of ingredients and alcohol the Company manufactures and decided that I wanted to be a part of this organization.

What do you like best about working at MGP?

One of the best things I like about MGP is that it has a very friendly work environment throughout the organization.

What are the most satisfying aspects of your role at MGP?

Meeting production demand in a timely fashion is one of my top priorities. Achieving that day after day, month after month and year after year is what I would consider the most satisfying aspect of my current role. Another important aspect for me is the safety of everyone working in the plant. Every zero injury month is very satisfying. In addition, planning and executing strategies to position MGP as a leader in the ingredients business is highly rewarding.

How have MGP’s values been reflected in your work?

I take great interest in developing people and strongly believe they are the true assets for any organization. I actively involve them in projects and training programs. Some of the trainings are actually conducted by operators themselves.

Describe the most significant or exciting challenge you have had while working for MGP.

I must say a project involving the refinement of how proteins are modified has been one of the most exciting challenge in which I have been engaged. First, it involved finding a solution to a very long-term problem. Secondly, it required developing an understanding of an unfamiliar process that was developed some 30 years ago. Next, it had huge financial implications. With the help of colleagues, I was able to put together a task force that diligently worked on this project for months. We collected information and conducted many experiments. Finally, we modified the old process and implemented it. It was a great success with outstanding results.

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